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Zeiss Varifocal Lenses

Picture of a Zeiss camera lens


Carl Zeiss was a German optical engineer. Born in Germany 1816, he became a reputable lens maker around 1840 and engineered the very first wide aperture lens. At first, his company concentrated on only making microscope lenses before going on to designing and manufacturing high quality camera lenses. It was at this point that Carl Zeiss really started to pioneer the way forward in lens design.

Even after his unexpected death in 1888 the Carl Zeiss lens company continued to grow their international reputation as the best manufacturer of high quality lenses. These days Carl Zeiss vision still maintain their reputation for leading lens innovation and continue to manufacturer some of the best optical lenses in the world.


Carl Zeiss have been making lenses for many years now, for both optical and cameras. Zeiss varifocal lenses are still regarded as the best optical lenses in the world by many leading Opticians and lens specialists. This is due to the company’s ongoing commitment and investment in progressive lens technology. There are many lens products available in the Zeiss varifocal glasses range and listed below are some of the most popular Varifocal lenses that are still held in such high regard due to their clever designs and excellent patient adaption results.


Zeiss Superb (Formally GT2 3D)

The newly designed Zeiss Superb varifocal (formally GT2) is a customised lens which boasts a variable corridor to fit all depths of frame. Whilst most standard and conventional varifocals only come in 2 corridor lengths, standard or compact, the Zeiss superb is specially surfaced to enable us to adapt the vision corridor length to match the depth of your frame. The result of this technology is wide and more balanced fields of vision through the lens.

The Zeiss Superb varifocal lens is a progressive lens that is manufactured and fitted under binocular conditions, so as to take into consideration the patient’s prescription in both eyes. Carl Zeiss has come up with a unique design of lens that synchronises binocular vision to enhance your 3D vision. The Zeiss Superb varifocal lens makes wearing your glasses a much more comfortable experience by optimising the complex interation between both eyes and your visual surroundings.



Benefits are:

  • UP to 40% improvement on binocular zones
  • Large and clear distance zones
  • Well balanced intermediate zone
  • Large and clear near (reading) zone



Did you know?

Zeiss lenses were used to take pictures of the first moon landing.

Nearly all the cameras that are commissioned to take pictures for ‘Google Earth’ are equipped with Carl Zeiss lenses

The Hollywood motion picture industry films more movies using Zeiss lenses than any other lens manufacturer. In fact, some of the most cinematic masterpieces have been captured using Zeiss lenses, such as Lord of the rings!