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Varilux Brand lenses

Back in 1959, when Bernard Maitenaz put his dream into practice by developing the worlds first commercial progressive (varifocal) lens, he could never have imagined that over 50 years later this technology would have improved to levels previously unimaginable. The varifocal lens was developed and manufactured by Société des Lunetiers, who later became more famously known as 'Essilor' - the makers of one of the most successful ranges of varifocal lenses that go under the brand name of 'Varilux'.

 Varilux S Comparison  



This new range of progressive lenses uses a combination of Essilors highly acclaimed surfacing technology which includes the following:

The combined use of the above technologies has allowed Essilor to produce a varifocal lens that is worthy of the many industry awards it has won since it's release and it's controversial hefty price tag. It has been touted by many optical professionals as one of the most ground-breaking lens products to be released since the first commercial progressive lens was released to market 50 years ago.