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Essilor Varilux Varifocal Lenses

Looking for authentic Varilux lenses? As one of the only major online varifocal lens specialists, we are proud of our growing reputation for providing our customers with some of the most highly regarded, and best optical performing varifocal lenses on the market. The Varilux brand has become synonymous with superior optical performance over years, thanks to Essilors consistent innovation and investment in improving the design of their varifocal range of lenses.


Why choose Essilor Varilux Lenses?

Did you know that a lens pioneer by the name of ‘Bernard Maitenaz’ invented the world’s first progressive lens whilst working for Essilor back in 1953? Although these early designs of varifocal lenses were rather crude, Essilor has been improving their design for many, many years. Now, when you purchase a ‘Varilux’ lens product made by Essilor, You can be guaranteed that any varifocal from their current lens portfolio will offer the wearer far comfortable distance and near zones compared to that of any generic progressive lens.


Lens Innovation

Essilor has been in the business of designing and manufacturing lenses since 1959. They are totally committed to their innovation policy of constantly improving the design of the progressive lens range. Their research and development into varifocal lens technology is almost unmatched by any other optical lens manufacturer. Most of their R&D takes place at their ‘vision institute’ in France. The Essilor Vision Institute employs over 250 researchers, studying eye movement, retina images and the eye aging process. This research is a major contribution to the constant design improvement of their lenses.


Picture of a Varilux Comfort lens design

Varilux S Series

Essilor invest a huge amount in lens technology development each year. It is estimated that this figure is somewhere in the region of 150 million Euros, which is why they have reached a new ground-breaking era in progressive lens design. The Varilux 'S' series of varifocal lenses has arrived and offers unrivalled overall clarity and adaptation.

Very Wide corridors of vision

Smoother and more natural power transition

Almost no 'Swim Effect' through the lens

Nanoptix & SynchronEyes Technology - Varilux S

This technology is a result of Essilors vast amount of experience and knowledge of the way our eyes work together. Careful calculations have been implemented into the surfacing technology to allow for the differences in vision between both the right and left eyes. After all, we all have one dominant eye so it makes sense to take this into account when fitting a patient with a progressive lens. The result of this is a far wider field of vision being experienced through the lens.

Ever heard of people who are new to varifocals complaining of the 'swim' effect? This is mainly caused by generic progressive lens geometry, which causes straight lines to look slightly wavy when the wearer moves their head from left to right. This new advanced technology has completely re-engineered the way in which Essilor calculates the lens process, by using digital lens surfacing techniques. The result is a revolutionary lens geometry that has never been used before. The clever use of Nanoptix technology in the Varilux 'S' series has allowed Essilor to produce a varifocal lens that drastically reduces the 'swim' effect inside the lens without disturbing the power progression. This means a much higher success rate for first time wearers and a much quicker adaptation period. It also means far superior image clarity compared to that of a generic varifocal lens.

Picture of a Varilux Physio lens design


The’ Varilux Physio’ is Essilors premium progressive lens. It offers the wearer the benefits of patented technology known as ‘High Resolution Vision™’. In simple terms, this technology is like comparing a standard definition television set to a high definition television. With High Resolution Vision™ contrast and detail are improved throughout the lenses, regardless of your age or prescription complexity. This will also help wearers who read at night and suffer from problems with dull colours, due to low light levels.

Improved contrast, even in low light

Wide fields of vision throughout

Crisper and more refined detail

Improved visual acuity

Premium varifocal lenses such as the Varilux 'Physio' lens are made using the most up-to-date lens technology where both the front and back of the lenses incorporate digital precision prescription surfacing allowing for a much wider and more natural field of vision. This means that when you wear a pair of varifocal glasses with this type of lens design you are going to experience much better visual acuity all round. You will also experience a wider and more balanced visual corridor with your intermediate and reading distances.

Most of these branded premium lenses will normally retail for at least £250 on the high street but you can buy a pair of genuine Varilux premium Varifocals for as little as £159 from us.