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Transitions glasses


Transitions® glasses are now the Uk's most widely sold type of photochromic prescription glasses. Long gone are the days where prescription glasses wearers had no other option but to carry around two pairs of glasses every summer in order to ensure that they had some prescription sunglasses to hand should the sun decide to make a guest appearance. Light reactive lenses have changed all this and the most popular make of this kind of lens is the Transitions brand which is partly brought to you by the French prescription lens giants Essilor. 

Transitions® lenses are currently the worlds best type of light reactive lens and offer 100% UV protection thanks to the French giants ongoing investment in this technology. They react quicker than any other type of light reactive lenses available right now. Around 85% of the most popular branded prescription lenses come with Transitions as an added option and prices vary according to the type of lens and the strength of prescription.

UV Protection 

Here at Eyewear Glasses we are proud to offer our customers the new generation of UV protecting Transitions® lens technology (Generation 7) at some of the lowest prices available on the internet. This is because we work very closely with our network of partners in order to negotiate the lowest prices and pass on the savings to you. We know how important this kind of protection is in this day and age where we are constantly being reminded about the dangers of being exposed to the suns harmful UV rays. Exposing our eyes to these dangerous rays can lead to early cataract blindness and other eye disorders so owning a pair of Transitions glasses will ensure that you are protected at all times.


Transitions generation 7 lenses

We are now on the 7th generation of transitions lens technology which sees overall improvements in performance and design. Generation 7 technology uses a process known as imbibing. This is where the lens is made by using heat to draw in a special photochromatic dye that makes the lens react. A hard coating is then applied to the surface of the lens. Using the imbibing method ensures that the tint colour and depth is uniformed across the whole lens when it reacts to sun light, regardless of any thickness differences between each lens.


Transitions in rimless frames

There is also very good news for our customers who enjoy wearing rimless glasses as you can now buy Transitions® lenses with 'Polycarbonate' strengthened lenses thus ensuring that your prescription lenses will be able to absorb extra unnecessary stress on the lenses. This means that they will be less likely to break or snap if dropped or accidentally sat upon.


If you would like to talk to one of our expert dispensers about Transitions® glasses or would like more information on which type of lenses are available in this technology then call us now on 01252 721735.