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Here at Eyewear Glasses we sell a vast range of high quality spectacle lenses from all the leading manufacturers including Hoya, Nikon, Essilor and Carl Zeiss. The problem that many customers face when ordering from one of the major high street multiples is that they can be limited to the brands of lenses they can supply. This is largely due to the fact that most of the major high street retailers are tied into exclusive contracts with one manufacturer, in order to take advantage of wholesale discounts. Being an independent lens supplier, we have an advantage over most of the high street retailers in that we are able to source any prescription lens from every major lens manufacturer in order to meet your requirements. This means that if you already have a preferred brand of spectacle lenses then not only will we be able to supply them but we can offer them, in most cases, at a fraction of the cost you would pay on the high street.


What makes certain spectacle lenses better than others?

Well the answer is that some spectacle lenses, made by a certain brands, can out perform other lenses. This is more common with varifocal lenses as there are a huge range of varifocals on the market today. The problem is, that every lens manufacturer strives to design aprescription lenses that not only have great optical properties, but also certain characteristics that will be attractive and beneficial to the wearer. For instance, one manufacturer of varifocals might focus on making spectacle lenses that are especially useful for people who require glasses mainly for close work or reading. A different manufacturer may decide to focus their investments on producing a lens which gives a balanced but wider fields of vision all round. This is why some spectacle lenses that are suitable for someone who works behind a desk may not be so suitable for someone who drives for a living.


Who is the overall best optical lens manufacturer?

Well that's a difficult one really. You see, every manufacturer has a range of spectacle lenses that may suite different people. 'Essilor' are well known for producing decent lenses at a very affordable price, whereas 'Carl Zeiss' generally produce very high end quality lenses but at a much higher price point. 'Nikon' are well known in the industry for producing some of the best 'Free Form' varifocals with their 'Seemax' range of lenses. So you see every manufacturer has got something quite unique to offer every wearer.


How do I know which spectacle lenses will best suit me?

You can always speak to one of our lens consultants by telephoning us. We have trained and qualified advisors at hand in order to assist you and offer advice on choosing the correct spectacle lenses to suit your lifestyle, especially for those wishing to purchase varifocal glasses. Just call us today on 01252 721 735 and we will be glad to offer any advice or recommendations in order to find a lens that will meet your requirements.