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Reglazing varifocal glasses

If you wear varifocals and already have a frame that you just can’t bare to part with then you can have new varifocal lenses fitted into your own frame using our varifocal reglaze service. Reglazing your varifocal glasses allows you to have one our premium branded lenses made up to your new sight test prescription and can save you a vast amount of money and time. The whole process is a simple and cost effective way of having a brand new pair of premium grade varifocal glasses without the hassle of having to visit a high street store. For tjhose who are a little apprehensive about doing this online, it really is much simpler than you probably think.


Reglazing varifocals

Once you have made the decision to have your own frame reglazed with varifocals the first step of the process is to visit the ‘reglaze varifocal glasses’ page and fill in our lens selection and lens extras options in order to let us know which type of lenses you require. Once you have completed this part you are then required to either upload a copy of your sight test prescription of simple fill in the sight test fields in order to let us know your prescription specifications. Shortly after you have placed the order you will receive an email informing you of where and how to send in your frame for us to reglaze.


Measurements required

If you require varifocal lenses reglazed into your own frame then we will always require certain measurements in order for us to position the varifocal lenses correctly inside the frame. If you already have varifocals fitted into the frame that you wsh us to reglaze then you won’t need to supply any extra information as these fitting measurements can be taken from your current lenses and replicated into your new lenses. If, however, you don’t have varifocals in the frame you wish to reglaze then you will be required to supply us with an extra measurement. This is a very simple process which anyone can do and does not require a ruler or any complicated technique. You can call one of our advisors and they will explain how to get and supply this extra information


Our lab technicians

Our team of highly skilled lens laboratory technicians have around 40 years of experience between them in surfacing and glazing prescription lenses from some of the worlds leading manufactures such as Essilor and Nikon. Our lab manager, Paul Lennon, has been working in the industry for 20 years and runs a very tight ship here at OGD. Paul and his team currently reglaze hundreds of pairs of glasses per month including some of the most complex rimless frames such as Lindberg and Silhouette. Once the reglaze process is complete the glasses then go through a stringent 10 point quality control check before being shipped directly to the customer.