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Reglaze your own frame



We offer the cheapest branded single vision lenses and Varifocals including Zeiss, Nikon and Essilor to reglaze into your current frame. Our prices start from just £29 to reglaze a full rimmed frame with premium grade single vision lenses. We can not accept responsibility should your frame break or chip during the reglaze process so it is advisable that you check your frame for any cracks or faults before sending them to our prescription glazing lab, in order to ensure that your order is processed without any delays.

Use our professional reglaze service and have new lenses fitted into your existing frame with any of our premium quality branded lenses. We have a dedicated team of qualified and highly skilled lens technicians on hand to process all orders to specification to ensure a perfect finish to any reglaze order including rimless frames. 

We can supply reglazing for most types of frame you wish to reglaze including rimlesssemi rimless, Oakley sports wrap and other specialist frames.



Reglazing varifocals

Replace varifocal lenses in your own frame using our comprehensive varifocal reglaze service. If you already wear varifocals but need to update your sight test prescription then you can save a huge amount of money by sending in your own frame and having a brand new pair of varifocals lenses glazed into them. If you already have varifocals fitted into the frame you wish to reglaze, then you won't even need to worry about obtaining or sending in any extra lens fitting measurements or prescription specifications.

Our state-of-the-art digital lens marker can find your current fitting measurements and replicate them when fitting the new lenses. If, however, your current frames do not have varifocals fitted into them then you can simply call us for easy instructions on how to take the fitting measurements yourself. Either order online using our simple reglaze sytem or call us now and save money on replacing lenses into your own frame.