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Replacement lenses for your glasses

Looking for a glasses lens replacement service to reglaze new lenses for your existing frame? Here at Eyewear Glasses we not only specialise in reglazing existing frames, but we also have a fully equipped, state-of-the-art surfacing and glazing lab. Our sophisticated lab is run by our very own team of qualified, highly skilled and experienced lens technicians. We are probably one of the very few companies online who are able to supply replacement lenses for glasses for almost any frame manufacturer in the world; including: Lindberg, Oakley, Hoya and Silhouette. Our highly skilled lab technicians are even able to reglaze frames that you previously thought impossible.

Every frame reglaze order that we receive goes through a stringent inspection, to ensure that your frame is in good enough condition to reglaze. However, If at any time we feel that there is a slight risk of your frame breaking, due to age, then we will notify you before we begin to process the order.

Our glasses lens replacement prices start at only £29 for a full rimmed frame & standard single vision lenses. Varifocal lens reglazing starts at £99 for authentic Varilux lenses into a full rimmed frame.


Are there any risks involved?

You can rest assured in knowing that our team of skilled technicians will take great care in reglazing your existing frame with your new replacement lenses. We cannot accept responsibility or liability should your frame break or chip during the reglaze process, due to age or fatigue, so it is advisable that you check your frame for any cracks or faults before sending them to our prescription glazing lab. This is to ensure that your order is processed without any delays. However, if we think that there might be even the slightest chance of your frame being at risk whilst we fit your replacement lenses then we shall contact you immediately to inform you of what those risks might be. Please remember, we reglaze thousands of frames every year and only an extremely small number (less than 1%) of frames that are sent to us for reglazing are refused due to high risk of the frame breaking.


Single Vision

  1. 1.60 Hi-index Single Vision           £60                 £30
  2. 1.67 Hi-index Single Vision           £85                 £49



  1. Varilux Comfort 1.50 Varifocals    £220               £129
  2. Varilux Physio 1.50 Varifocals      £250               £159
  3. Hoya Summit Pro Varifocals        £270               £185
  4. Carl Ziess Superb (GT2)               £380               £249


How to replace lenses in your own frame

Once you have visited our lens reglaze page a series of options will be displayed in steps 1-5. These options are configured to only show what is available for every lens type/design or lens thickness (index) you choose.