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Polarised glasses & sunglasses

Polarised Glasses are used as sunglasses in order to drastically reduce the amount of glare that bounces off reflective surfaces. Many glasses wearers experience glare from surface water on the road or from the sunlight reflecting from the car in front. Fishermen experience a vast amount of glare because of the sunlight reflecting off the water, this is why polarised glasses are perfect as a pair of fishing spectacles. The problem with glare lies within horizontal reflections.


Polarised fishing glasses

The problem that many keen anglers or fishermen have is the suns bright rays bouncing horizontally off the surface of the water and striking the viewers eyes at a similar angle. If you have a pair of polarised sunglasses then the lenses will rectify this problem by only allowing vertical light to pass through the lens, very much like how a venetian blind works. This is great for anglers and fisherman as it allows them to see straight through the glare on the water surface on lakes or at sea. Fishermen who wear these lenses can see below the surface of the water in search of schools of fish.

Man wearing polarised sunglasses

How do they work?

Polarised lenses have a laminated surface which is bonded onto the lens. This special lens surface layer contains vertical stripes and it is these special stripes that act as a filter and only allow vertical light waves to pass through. However, you need to understand that whilst polarised glasses and sunglasses will help in reducing glare and reflections they will not completely eliminate the problem 100%. If you have a pair of polarsied lenses in your glasses and you tilt your head past a 45 degree angle this will allow some of the horizontal light to pass through the lens, remember the venetian blind analogy?  



How can I tell if my lenses are polarised?

Easy, just look through your sunglasses at any reflection bouncing off an object through your window, but not your own reflection. Then simply hold your sunglasses up in front of your eyes and slowly turn them around clockwise. Whilst doing this if the intensity of the reflection in the window does not change then your sunglasses are most definitely not polarised.


Can I buy prescription polarised sunglasses?

Or course! If you choose any of the glasses frames on our website and require prescription polarised lenses then all you have to do is simply choose ‘polarised’ in the ‘Sun Protection’ lens options when it comes to choosing your prescription lenses. You can even buy polarised varifocal lenses which are great for people who need glasses for both distance and near vision. If you would rather talk to one of our friendly and qualified advisors about your requirements then simply call us on 01252 721735 Mon – Fri (09:30 – 19:00)