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Nikon lenses and Varifocal lenses

Nikon varifocal glasses are considered to be one of the best types of varifocal lenses on the optical market to date. Nikon have always upheld their reputation for producing some of the very best camera and optical lenses in the world due to amount of investment and research in lens technology. When you invest in a pair of Nikon varifocal glasses you are not only buying into a brand synonymous for innovation and quality but also for the fact that Nikon have one of the highest lens design adaption success rates out of any lens manufacturer due to the advanced technology that goes into making each optical lens.


Nikon Seemax

Nikon Seemax lenses are available in single vision as well as varifocals and are a real innovation in lens design, in fact they have almost revolutionised the varifocal lens industry as we know it. This clever design incorporates the patient’s unique prescription for both distance and reading to produce an individual design that offers an optimised back surface of the lens to allow for reduced aberrations (lens distortion) and a more natural visual experience through the lens itself. This double sided lens technology added with Nikons very own unique design offers the wearer wide corridors of vision and the very best all round visual experience through a varifocal lens. These lenses are particularly beneficial for customers who have high minus prescriptions because of the reduction in peripheral distortions that many high myopia patients suffer from.


Nikon Presio

The Nikon Presio varifocal lenses are probably the most popular choice for varifocal wearers due to their easy adaption and affordable price point. They come in two formats, the Nikon ‘Presio i-digital’ and the ‘Presio i’. The ‘i-digital’ varifocal lens has been designed with presbyopia (Long sighted) suffers in mind due to it’s aspheric design to offer wearers increased near vision by up to 50% compared with that of a conventional varifocal lens.  Both these lenses offer the wearer much improved fields of vision and reduced distortions of that compared to a generic conventional varifocal lens. 


Nikon lens coatings

When you purchase any Nikon lens product and choose to have any  anti reflection coating lens extras you will receive Nikons very own HCC IKON (hard clear coating) or premium 'Nikon SeePlus' lens coatings as standard. The Nikon SeeCoat anti reflection coating offers the wearer a more sophisticated lens coating that will make your new prescription lenses clearer, tougher and cleaner than ever before. The unique coating structure and silky smooth surface layer of the SeeCoat causes any water or oil to bead into droplets on the lens rather than spread out on the surface impairing your vision. Another great cosmetic advantage of both these coatings is that they will make your lenses appear clearer and almost non-existent so that people will see your eyes rather than your lenses.