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New lenses in your own frame

Have you ever considered the option to replace lenses in your own frame? This is a great way to not only save money but to help the environment but not having to throw a perfectly good frame away after only a couple of years of ownership. Here at Eyewear Glasses we try to encourage our customers to reglaze their own frames where possible in order to follow this ethos. We have noticed a recent growing trend in high street opticians refusing to reglaze customers own frames in order to bump up the sale by informing the customer that their frame is either not in a condition fit enough for this process or that it would only cost a little more to buy a new frame.


Reglaze Specialists

If you are looking to replace lenses in your own frame then we're pleased to inform you that not only have you come to right place but that we specialise in reglazing customers existing frames including almost every type of rimless frame from Lindberg to Air Titanium and even Silhouette. We have a team of some of the most experienced lens technicians in the industry who all work under the supervision of our Lab Manager, Paul, who is qualified to SMC Tech (Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers). We take our lenses and glazing very seriously which is why we have invested a huge amount in the very latest lens surfacing machines and state-of-the-art glazing equipment to ensure that every order is perfectly made to specification. Ever single order that passes through our Lab is quality checked by one of our qualifed dispensing opticians before being shipped direct to your door.


Online ordering system

Our fully comprehensive reglaze service will allow you to replace lenses in your own frame with either single vision of multi focal lenses such as bifocals and varifocal lenses. The procedure is quite simple, follow the link at the top of the screen to reglaze your own frame and then choose which lenses you would like fitted. At this stage you should now see some lens options appear half way down the screen which gives you the option to not only choose which type of lenses you require but also the chance for you to add any lens extras such as light reacting, tints or anti reflection coatings. Once you have chosen your lens options you then have the option to either fill in your prescription using the displayed prescription fields or you can upload a copy of your prescription that you may have scanned on your computer. To replace lenses in your own frame should be a fairly simple process but if you are having trouble with the prescription part then you can always just drop a copy of your sight test prescription in with your frame before you send it to us and we will call you to confirm details.


If have any queries regarding replacement lenses into your own frame then please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly and qualified lens advisors on 01252 721735.