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Lindberg Glasses

Lindberg glasses frames have always been hugely popular among the rich and famous, prefering to purchase spectacles from prestigious optical boutiques up and down the country. But now, thanks to some very clever marketing and price restructuring, these bespoke frames are now becoming more widely available on the high street. Here at Eyewear Glasses we are one of very few online specialists who are able to reglaze Lindberg frames. This service adds an enormous amount of value in owning a pair, due to the amount of money you will save over the life of the frame.


Latest technology

We take our lens glazing and fitting very seriously, which is why we have invested heavily in a state-of-the-art Lab consisting of the latest technology in precision lens surfacing and rimless glazing. We also have some of the most skilled and experienced technicians who are qualified and trained in specialist glazing including Lindberg glasses, Air titanium and Reykjavik Eyes frames. This is why we are able to offer Lindberg reglazing with lenses at such a competitive price, compared to that of many high street opticians. You can also rest assured that every pair of Lindberg frames that we glaze go through a stringent 10 point quality control check by our very own team of qualified optical technicians, to ensure that every pair is shipped to you in perfect condition and to exact specification. 


Reglaze your Lindberg frame

Not only are our lens reglaze prices some of the lowest on the net, but you can make huge savings when buying any of our branded lens products to be fitted into your frame. Our authentic branded lenses are all from the worlds leading lens manufacturers including Hoya, Nikon, Carl Zeiss and Essilor. We also specialise in varifocal lenses and offer a comprehensive varifocal reglazed service which carries our ‘no risk’ guarantee. We promise that if you have a new pair of varifocals fitted into your own Lindberg frame, we will match all of your existing fitting measurements from your previous lenses. This ensures easy adaption when you receive your new prescription lenses.


If you would like to know more about our Lindberg services or need some advice on choosing the correct lenses for your prescription then call one of our qualified and friendly advisors today on: 01252 721735