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Lenses for glasses - Our Lens Brand Range

We are very proud to be able to offer our customers a wide range of lenses for glasses from the worlds most highly regarded optical lens manufacturers. Unlike most other high street opticians or online retailers, we believe in giving our customers a wide choice of brands when it comes to choosing your new prescription lenses. This ensures that we can offer the very best lenses that are specifically suited to our customers varied lifestyles and professions. Below, are a few of the most popular and successful brands that we currently offer:


Essilor Lenses

Essilor have been manufacturing prescription lenses for glasses since 1931 and in 1959 produced the world’s first ever progressive lens, known as 'Varilux'. We are very proud to be able to offer our customers every single prescription lens from the Essilor portfolio, including their complete range of varifocal lenses.

New Varilux S

We are very pleased to announce that the new Varilux S is now available to buy from us at a special discounted price. The Varilux S is currently the only lens to almost elimate the 'swim affect' that many varifocal wears suffer from when getting used to their new glasses. 

Prices for these lenses start from only £280, saving you around £150 off the typical high street price. To enquire about these new groundbreaking lenses please call us on 01252 721735


Hoya lenses

Hoya Optical first started life in 1941 as japans first manufacturer of optical lenses for glasses. Hoya are well known in the industry for producing some of the best single vision lenses and lens coatings. They have also become well reputed for their highly successful range of 'Summit Pro' varifocal lenses.

Hoya ID Varifocal lenses

The Hoya ID varifocal lens is now available to purchase by calling us on 01252 721735. These highly advanced lenses offer stable vision at all distances with very minimal distortion. The clever use of Hoyas ‘Free Form’ technology allows wearers to quickly adapt into their new glasses due to the precise and very fast interaction between close and distance vision. Hoyas excellent ‘Balanced View Control’ technology also comes into play to allow wearers to experience more stable and relaxed vision.


Carl Zeiss Lenses

Carl Zeiss LTD is probably the most well-known and highly respected lens manufactures in the world. Carl Zeiss first started out in 1846 making microscopes, building a modern base for optics and the manufacturing of lenses. Since then they have become one of the most influential and innovative optical lens companies of the modern era. Their lenses include the hugely popular and successful ‘Superb’ varifocal lenses (formally known as GT2).