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Latest Glasses Styles & Trends

The Geek Glasses Look

The biggest thing to explode onto the eyewear scene in the past 2 years has been emergence of ‘geek chic’ and ‘retro’ styled eyewear. Whereas, a couple of years ago, small and slim shapes were pretty much the thing to be seen in, now the very latest fashion seems to go along the lines of ‘bigger is best’. What was once seen as a nerdy and unpopular style is now very fashionable.

Some of the most famous celebrities who revolutionised the current trend of wearing of oversized geek frames are Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, (black eyed peas), Tinie Tempah and Scarlett Johansson. But of course the undisputed champion of wearing oversized and colourful glasses would of course be the King of eyewear himself, Sir Elton John. He has been donning some of the most unique and funky styles of glasses since his career took off in the 1970’s.



The Classic Rimless

Geek, glamour and retro styles aside, one particular style will always remain a firm favourite amongst professionals and  people who prefer a more subtle and classic style of eyewear; The rimless frame. Rimless glasses are worn by many of the world’s most influential people, including Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Bernie Ecclestone. Even some Hollywood celebrities, including Robert De Nero and Tyra Banks have jumped on board. Most people seem to be drawn to their minimalist design and unbeatable weightlessness. Rimless frames also go very well when worn with smart suites or stylish and edgy outfits.