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Will I get used to varifocal lenses?

We receive hundreds of phone calls every year from customers who have been advised by their optician to have varifocal glasses, but are worried about how well they will adjust to them. The actual answer all depends on the individual and how well they will cope with adjusting and adapting to a new way of using their spectacles.


Why do some people need varifocal glasses?

Varifocal glasses are a very practical and cost effective solution to the problem of presbyopia. Presbyopia is when the lens at the back of the eye can no longer change shape to bring close objects into focus. This is something that the vast majority of adults will suffer from when they reach the age of 40+. The problem that many people face at this stage is that they find either carrying around 2 pairs of glasses, or constantly taking their reading spectacles on and off, too much of an inconvenience. A good pair of varifocal glasses are a much more practical solution to this problem.


Can I wear varifocal glasses when I drive?

Yes, of course. The vast majority of varifocal wearers never experience problems when using them for driving. Although, some people still prefer to wear distance glasses as it offers them wider peripheral vision. If you spend a lot of time driving a vehicle, for pleasure or for work, then you should consider purchasing a good quality varifocal lens. This will give you a decent amount of visual field for your distance and thus make it easier to adapt to when driving.

Is it true that hardly anyone can adjust to them?

There is absolutely no truth to this. As stated before, it all depends on the individual. We only ever deal with a small handful of customers each year who simply cannot tolerate these lenses. Currently on average, only around 0.7% of our customers return their varifocal glasses, mainly due to non-tolerance issues. The fact remains that the vast majority of people adapt to these lenses with ease and usually within the first few days of wearing them. Some of our customers adjust to them even quicker!


What happens if I simply cannot get on with them?

We would never leave any of our customers with a pair of glasses that they cannot adjust to. ALL our varifocal lenses carry a 1 month non-tolerance warranty period. This is exactly the same guarantee that all the major high street opticians honour, which means that if you cannot get on with your lenses after trying them for a couple of weeks, you can send them back to us and we will replace them with 2 separate pairs, up to the same value, free of charge.