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Specialist frames we reglaze

We are very proud to have an experienced and highly skilled team of optical lab technicians on board, which is why we are able to offer such a comprehensive and professional reglaze service. Using the most cutting edge technolgy at our glazing lab enables us to reglaze almost any frame that is available on the market today. We specialise in reglazing rimless, semi rimmed and wrapped frames. We use the most up-to-date and highly sophisticated lens glazing lab equipment when it comes to lens drilling and polishing, so you can be sure of the best cosmetic finish for your glasses. Below are some of the specialist frames we are able to reglaze:

Silhouette Glasses

Silhoutte rimless glasses epitomise everything about lightweight luxury eyewear. These frames are made from pure titanium, with no screws or hinges and come in a very extensive range of frame designs and eye shapes. We are able to reglaze your Silhouette glasses frames with any of our prescription lenses, including varifocals and bifocals. Also, if you are not entirely satisfied with how your current Silhouette glasses fit then we are able to reglaze the frame with either a wider or narrower lens shape. In fact, we are able to fully customise the size of the lens to fit your requirements.

Lindberg Glasses

Lindberg glasses are finely crafted pieces of very high end luxury eyewear. Each frame model from the portfolio comes in a multitude of sizes and shapes, which is what makes their frame collection so unique.  Lindberg have also revolutionised the frame industry with their Air Titanium range, which feature no rivets, welds or screws. We are able to offer a comprehensive reglaze service for every type of Lindberg frame model including, Spirit, Air titanium, Strip and Acetanium.


Our highly skilled lab technicians

Most high street opticians tend to shy away from reglazing these types of frames, as they require specialist tools and highly skilled technicians in order ensure that every lens is drilled, polished and fitted correctly. We have a highly skilled team of lab technicians who are able to fit any type and design of prescription lens to your own Lindberg frame whilst preserving the shape and cosmetic appearance of the frame.