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Finding your perfect frame - Glasses for round, small, and square faces

Looking for glasses for small or round faces? We have a large and varied section frames to choose from but finding a frame that best suites you can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve never purchased your glasses online. That is why we have one of the most comprehensive ‘frame finder’ systems , to enable you to filter your requirements such as frame size, price range, shape and frame style, in order to make your experience in finding the correct frame as painless as possible.


Using the ‘frame finder’ filter bar

Simply click on any of the filters on the left hand side of the screen in order for our system to display all the frames that match your chosen criteria. For instance, if you need to search for frames that can accommodate varifocal lenses then click on ‘Varifocal’ under the ‘Lens Type’ filter. Next, if you are also looking for a frame that is a particular shape, then simply look further down the ‘frame finder’ filter and click on ‘Round’ under the ‘Frame Shape’ filter. You should now have a selection of frames displayed that are round in shape and that can accommodate varifocal lenses. Using the filters, you will be able find the perfect frame that meets all your required criteria.


Long Face shapes

If your face has more length than width then you aim should be to make it appear wider around the temple area. Most full rimmed frames will do the trick nicely but make sure and go for something that has enough width and try to avoid rectangle shaped frame that are long and narrow. You will also benefit from frames that have very strong horizontal lines. Also, if you have slightly long and narrow nose then try and go for a frame that has a low nose bridge as this will give the appearance that the bridge of your nose has less depth.

Square shapes faces

People with square shaped faces tend to have very strong jaw lines and bold features. The idea is to try and add some length to your face whilst reducing the appearance of your strong brow and jaw lines. Frames with a curvy shape or narrow width will do the trick. This will give the impression that you have more length to your face. Oval and round shaped frames are great for giving this appearance. Also, glasses with a strong upper bar will give the illusion of gentle brow lines.


Glasses for round faces

People who have round faces generally have soft angles in the jaw area and eye brows. The idea with a round face is to try and accentuate the width of your temples, thus finding an attractive balance between the length and width of your face. The best way to achieve this is by opting for frames that are narrow and angular in shape. Also, glasses that have a bold brow bar will give the impression that the eye sits higher up, thus giving the illusion of a longer face shape.

Heart shaped faces

Typical features of a heart shaped face are a wide forehead with a small chin and jaw line. In this instance, you should try and choose a frame that is not too wide or bold in appearance. Frames to avoid are ‘Aviators’ or any semi-rimmed styled glasses. Instead, try to choose a frame that is light in colour and is fairly subtle. Oval, angled and rimless frames are shapes that will compliment your heart shaped face.