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Choosing Lens Coatings

Anti Reflection Coating


Anti reflection coatings are essentially designed for reducing glare and reflections that you may experience through your prescription glasses. This is especially helpful if you drive at night because of the amount of glare you experience from oncoming traffic head lights - it is also very helpful for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. The lenses go through a special process which helps more light pass through the lenses and can help improve overall contrast by eliminating any stray light and this, in turn, can increase your visual acuity.


Premium anti reflection coating

With one of our premium anti reflection coatings you get all the benefits from a standard coating but with the added bonus of a multi hydrophobic and tough coated layer on top. This coating is arguably the very best money can buy as it not only protects your eyes from harmful white light but offers the most resiliant hard coat to ensure that your lenses continue to offer the clearest vision for the life of your glasses. The premium coating also offers a hydrophobic layer which can help stop your lenses from smudging and makes them far easier to clean than on a standard hard or anti reflective coatings.


Anti Reflection Coating


Transitions Lenses


Transitions lenses (photochromic) are designed for people who want the convenience of having a single pair of prescription glasses that will change colour (react) to the amount of light that is absorbed through the lens. The Transitions(tm) technology that is used for these lenses is actually owned by Transitions Optical and has become the best selling light reacting lens in the world. Although Transitions outsell any other brand there are a number of lens manufacturers who have developed their own photochromic technology but many people complain of slow reacting times and lenses that don't go back to a clear state when worn in the shade. This is why at Online Glasses Direct we have chosen to go with the leading brand and technology of photochromic lenses to ensure that you have the very best lenses at the lowest price possible.