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Varifocal sunglasses

For customers who are photo-sensitive and require vision correction for both distance and reading, varifocal sunglasses can be the ultimate solution. Even if you just need a pair of glasses to take on holiday with you, varifocal sunglasses will offer complete convenience and practically. The good news is that we can offer our customers almost every major type of branded varifocal lens in either a static coloured tint or as light reactive Transitions. All our high quality branded varifocal lenses are available at a discounted cost, compared to the typical prices you will find at most high street opticians.

We are able to supply every major ‘high performance’ varifocal lens, from manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and Essilor (Varilux).

Each of these highly reputable lens manufacturers have been making varifocals for many years and heavily invest in new technology, to enable them to produce lenses that out-perform any standard generically manufactured optical lens. Our varifocal selection has a wide range of premium lenses to suit every budget, with prices starting from as little as £89 for an authentic pair of Varilux ‘Ultra’ lenses


What the benefits of wearing varifocal sunglasses?

First and foremost, a pair of varifocal sunglasses will help to protect your eyes from the suns dangerous UV rays. UV radiation can cause or stimulate many eye problems including age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Also, another great benefit is that UV protection on your eyewear will help keep those wrinkles around the eyes at bay.

Other benefits include reducing the sun’s glare. As you are probably already aware, glare is the cause of over 15% of road traffic accidents here in the UK. Glare is at its most dangerous when it reflected of road surface water, snow or when the sun is at its lowest point. One of the best ways to reduce glare on your varifocal sunglasses is by making them ‘Polarised’ as this will offer you a far superior light filter than that of a static coloured tint.


Polarised Varifocal lenses

Not only can you buy Varifocal sunglasses from our extensive range but you can also enhance your lenses allowing you to own the ultimate protection from the suns glare and harmful UV rays by upgrading to Polarsied varifocals. If you require the perfect pair of driving glasses to use in bright sunlight, then this technology will deliver. Drivers will tend to benefit more from this type of lens technology because of the amount of glare from road surface water or from the cars bonnet that can lead to the driver squinting and potentially putting themselves in danger.

Normal driving glasses won't give you all the protection you need but with a polarised varifocal lens you will experience enhanced definition and visual clarity by eliminating most of the horizontal light that is emitted through the lens and this, in turn, reduces the amount of dangerous glare