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Buying Varifocal Glasses & Lenses Online

Thinking of buying your varifocal glasses online? If you are looking to buy a new pair of branded varifocals but don’t want to pay extortionate high street prices, then you have come to right place. We can offer almost every authentic varifocal lens on the market today, including all of the following brands & designs:



Our Varifocal Lenses

Many prescription glasses wearers each year make the mistake of buying cheap varifocal glasses that cause nothing but headaches. These cheap generic lenses offer high levels of distortion and limited corridors of vision. We believe in only fitting the very best optical quality lenses into every pair of varifocal glasses we make. This ensures that every customer is able to experience the widest possible visual field through their new prescription glasses without having to pay a premium.


Varifocal Glasses being made

How do Varifocals work?

Varifocal glasses work by combining your distance and reading prescription into one lens. When you focus through a varifocal lens you will experience a graduation from the distance (top) part of the lens down to the reading (bottom) part of the lens which is a great convenience for wearers who require both distance and reading specs and constantly find themselves having to change between pairs. This could be due to the fact the your job may entail a lot of reading (close work) , computer work and the fact that you need to wear glasses just to be able to see objects that are further than a stretch of your arm


What do we need from you?

Due to the complex way in which varifocal glasses work, sometimes we may require some additional measurements to ensure that we position the lens correctly in your chosen frame. Don't worry, this is a very simple procedure which anyone can take in the comfort of thier own home. Once you place an order for varifocal glasses, if required, you will be contacted by one of our qualified dispensers to explain this very simple procedure. You will then be sent your new frame and a pre-paid postage bag along with simple step by step instructions on how to measure your own pupil heights using the lens marker provided.

Once you are happy with your measurement then simply place everything into the pre-paid bag and send it back to us. As soon as we receive your frame back we can then start to fit the varifocal lenses into your chosen frame.


Re-glazing your own Varifocals

We also offer a Varifocal Reglaze Service where you can send in your current frame and have our skilled team of lens technicians fit brand new premium varifocals into your existing glasses.With a Varilux varifocal lens fitted to your frame you can expect optimum visual acuity and definition without the high levels of distortion you would expect from cheap non branded varifocals. So why compromise your visual experience when you can have genuine Essilor varilux glasses glazed into your frame at a price that's far more suited to your budget than any high street opticians.