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Rimless Glasses Frames

Buy rimless glasses from Eyewear Glasses and experience the ultimate in lightweight eyewear. Our rimless glasses range is specially designed for wearers who demand a subtle style without carrying any unnecessary weight. Rimless glasses frames are generally very light in weight as the frame only consists of three parts; the prescription lenses, arms and nose bridge. In the past many people have been led to believe that rimless glasses frames are unsafe due to the way they are put together but this theory couldn't be more wrong! Most of today's rimless glasses frames are made to the highest quality and are put together using 'Airfit mounts' (plastic lugs), this secures the arms and nose bridge to the lenses in a way that makes it virtually impossible for them to become unattached. Using this new method of putting them together also reduces the weight as there are no steel nuts or bolts used.


Rimless glasses or 'frameless glasses', as some people like to refer to them, have changed dramatically over the past few years and are now a much more attractive alternative to the traditional steel frames that can be found in most of the high street opticians. This is partly due to the more modern designs and wider range of colours that can now be used when manufacturing these frames. It is also due to the fact that you can now by what the makers call ‘pure titanium’ rimless frames which offer the wearer total comfort all day long due to the fact that titanium is extremely lightweight. So if you are someone who prefers a more ‘subtle’ look when wearing spectacles and don’t like the idea of the frames taking over your whole face then a pair of rimless glasses are something you should seriously consider investing in.



Here at Eyewear Glasses we a pleased to be able to offer our customers the most comprehensive and professional glazing service when it comes to fitting lenses into your rimless frame. We have an experienced team of qualified technicians who take great care and pride in making and fitting prescription lenses into your new rimless glasses. Every order is checked by our fully qualified Dispensing Optician before being shipped out to it’s destination which means that every part of the process of making your glasses adheres to the rules and regulations set put by the General Optical Council (UK) and is in line with European Tolerance Standards.