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Bifocal Glasses

We offer premium bifocal glasses online at a price everyone can afford. Our bifocal glasses start from only £25 for D28's or round seg bifocals. Our bifocal lenses are also available as transitions so you won't have to bother walking around with a seperate pair of sunglasses. All our bifocal glasses online come with a free hard coat as standard and you can add extra premium lens coatings at an extra charge. Buying your bifocal glasses from online glasses direct couldn't be easier! If you are unsure which bifocals you may need then simply call one of our qualified advisors and we will guide you through the process of ordering your online glasses with the correct lenses to suit your prescription. Don't forget, we can also reglaze bifocal lenses into your existing frame; simply choose your lens from the lens selection page and choose the option to reglaze your existing frame, then send the frame to us.


Bifocal Lens Design

Our Bifocals come in two standard designs; D28 segs and Round segs. The difference between the two designs are the shape and size of the reading segment. If you have never worn bifocal glasses before and you have been recommended them by your optician then we would advise most people to choose the D28, as it is generally the easiest of the two designs to adapt to. If, however, you are someone who is an avid reader or who has a hobby that requires near vision concentration tasks, then most people tend to find that 'Round 38' seg bifocal glasses help them, by offering a wider field of vision for close distance. If you are new to multi focal lenses and have just been advised by your optician to consider changing to bifocals then simply pick up the phone and speak to our friendly qualified dispensing optician who will be able to advise you on frame selection and any other queries you may have regarding your order.