Prescription Lenses For Google Glass

The Google Glass project has been making headlines again recently, due to claims that they are partnering with an optical lens manufacturer, in order to help produce prescription lenses for their space-age eyewear. Rochester Optical Manufacturing Company is the very first lens company to put into production specialised lenses that can be attached to Google Glass. This will be a god-send for many people who yearn for this kind of technology but who suffer from myopia (short sighted) or hypermetropia (long sighted)

One the technological and biological obstacles that they had to overcome was the fact that normal prescription lenses are not designed to correct or improve the vision in our ‘upper gaze’ directions (that’s the top of the lens to you and I). When lenses are manufactured most of the wearers prescription is concentrated into the middle of the lens. On most lenses the outer edges suffer from what are known as ‘lens aberrations’ (that’s distortions to you and I). Lens Distortions Yet Google Glass forces the wearer to look upwards in the direction of its HUD, so the Geeks at Rochester Optical had to come up with a specific design to get around this issue. They came up with carefully designed lens that drastically reduces the amount of peripheral distortions in the lens, using an advanced lens surfacing process. This way the wearer can gaze up to where the HUD is located and the image will be perfectly clear. In fact, these lenses perform so well that Rochester Optical has decided to release them to the general optical market.

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