Crizal UV Coating – total UV and reflection protection

Optical giants Essilor have released a brand new anti-reflection coating for their complete range of lenses. The new ‘Crizal UV’ coating is aimed at wearers who require advanced protection from the suns harmful rays and any other form of UV light. The new technology used in the ‘Crizal UV’ is called ‘Broad Spectrum’. It is applied to the back surface of the lens and Essilor are claiming that it virtually eliminates any UV from penetrating the lens onto the wearers eyes.

Complete protection

Essilor experts say that in standard ant-reflection coated glasses up to half of damaging UV light can come from the back of the lens, which wouldn’t normally have a coating applied. They also say that by wearing lenses that have the ‘Crizal UV’ coating applied you eyes are 25 times better protected than without wearing any lenses. The new lens coating is also resistant to water drops, smudges, scratches, dust and reflections, making it one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive lens coatings we’ve seen to date.


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