New Zeiss Superb Varifocal Lens

Carl Zeiss Vision have announced the launch of the latest generation GT2 3D varifocal lens. In fact, so much has been improved in the design of this lens that they have decided to re-name it the Zeiss ‘Superb’.The new lens design incorporates their new ‘Frame-Fit’ technology which offers each wearer a tailored power corridor length from distance to reading, according to the depth and style of the chosen frame.

Tailor made power corridor

Most standard varifocal lenses on the market have 2 generic power corridor lengths; standard and short. The average standard corridor length is around 15mm where as most short corridor lengths average around 10-12mm. carl_zeiss_lenseMany customers are frustrated about the fact that they have chosen a deep frame to allow either a longer intermediate zone or a more natural and smooth power transition, but are then faced with being fitted with a generic power corridor. The Zeiss ‘Superb’ would eliminate this problem and would allow for the lens to be more in tune with the frame that it is being fitted into. This offers the wearer a more gentle power transition and an intermediate zone that is tailored to suite the frame.


We are currently offering the Zeiss ‘Superb’ varifocal for at a price of £249, thus saving over a third off the typical high street price (£350-£400). The Zeiss ‘Superb’ is available in all refractive indexes (thinner lens options); 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74.

For more information on this lens or to speak to one of our qualified members of staff about the benefits of Zeiss Superb varifocals, call us today on 01252 721735.

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