New range of prescription sunglasses for 2013

Our new range of prescription sunglasses has arrived. Previous customer feedback has always been slightly critical of our limited range, so we thought it was about time that we addressed that issue. Our new prescription sunglasses range for 2013Customers will be pleased to now find a brand new range that includes a much more varied collection of styles and sizes, to suit most face shapes. Every pair of prescription sunglasses comes with a free pair of premium single vision lenses and a tint colour of your choice. Of course, in order to comply with EU regulations, all our sunglasses come with UV protection as standard.

Specially designed frames

One of the things that our customers will find most appealing about our new prescription sunglasses collection is that almost every piece has been carefully designed to accommodate a wide range of prescriptions. One of the main problems that many customers find when trying to fit their lenses into a standard sunglasses frame is that, most of the time, these frames are either too curved or the rim of the frame is so thin that it allows the lenses to become unstable over time. To address this problem, we have included models in our new range that have thicker rims and flatter fronts. This will ensure that the frame will not only be able to accommodate higher prescriptions, but will also ensure that the lenses are more secure.


Our new collection of prescription sunglasses frames start from only £49. Every frame will include a free pair of premium single vision lenses and a tint colour, either in grey, brown or the classic Ray Ban G15 (grey/green). Most of our collection will also include the added option to have them made as varifocal sunglasses.


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