Is It Safe to Purchase Glasses Direct Online?

online-shoppingTo this day there are people who will swear that buying prescription glasses direct from a website is a horrible idea. You could tell them all day about the numerous advantages of buying glasses online but they still refuse to heed your advice. They’ll keep insisting that it isn’t the same or that it isn’t safe. Truth of the matter is that these beliefs are completely wrong. Shopping for glasses online is 100% safe and guaranteed to give you the glasses you want so long as you know exactly what you’re looking for.


Concerns About Identity Theft

True, identity theft is a common concern on the Internet these days and it has been an issue since online shopping hit its high peak almost a decade ago. This is mostly the reason why a lot of people do not want to buy glasses direct from an online shop. Developments in online shopping security have fixed this problem however. Nowadays, shopping sites do not give their own administrators and customer service staff the chance to see a customer’s personal information like credit card numbers. Social security numbers are almost never required. You’ll only have to input your credit card number and billing information. The rest of the numbers will be blocked and only the last three or four numbers will be revealed. Then there are extra security measures to ensure that no one can simply change the information and use your account.


Concerns About the Quality of the Glasses

Others are concerned that the glasses they buy won’t meet their standards of quality. They worry that the frames won’t fit or that the grade of the lens won’t be suitable for their eyes. Some worry about the size of the frame or if the product will look exactly as advertised. The solution to all of these concerns lies with your optician.


When you visit your optician, make sure to ask for three specific bits of information: your frame dimensions, your glasses prescription, and your PD or pupil distance. You can even just have the information faxed over or emailed to you. When you’re shopping online for a new pair of glasses, just use the dimensions according to these three factors. If you do then the glasses you get will have the proper grade and will fit snugly on your face.


If you really want to make sure that the quality is great just simply look into two things: the brand of the glasses you are buying and customer feedback. Official reviews can be quite biased from time to time but the reviews and feedback from fellow customers will be as true as can be. They can be technical or they can be a rundown of the buyer’s personal experience. Take cue from their reviews and you’ll easily spot the good from the bad.


So Is It Safe?

Technology and new safety measures ensure that your identity and private information like credit card details are 100% safe. You can use the prescription information given to you to make sure that the quality is up to standards. All you have to do now is take the time to browse for the glasses direct from the leading glasses retailers to get what you are looking for.

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