Choosing the correct varifocal glasses

Varifocal glasses are a great solution for people who need glasses to read and to see clearly in the distance. Varifocal GlassesThey are especially useful for those who are burdened with having to carry around 2 pairs of prescription glasses. Back in the day, bifocals were seen as great remedy to this problem but they only offered the wearer 2 prescription powers (distance and near) and they were not renowned for their cosmetic properties. The great thing about varifocal lenses is that they offer the wearer an advantage of having 3 prescriptions inside the lens (distance, intermediate and near). This is good news for people who are required to wear glasses whilst using a computer as the varifocal glasses allow them to comfortably focus on both the computer screen and any far object, without having to swap glasses. In fact, many wearers who only need their glasses for reading and computer work benefit from wearing varifocal glasses, even with no prescription in the distance. This is so they can just keep their varifocal glasses on all day without having to take them off to view objects in the distance.

One of the main obstacles to purchasing a pair varifocal glasses is knowing what design, or particular brand of lens will be best suited to meet your requirements. There are hundreds of different varifocal lenses available and many of these lenses have their own characteristics. For example, some varifocal glasses are designed specifically for people who enjoy spending most of their time reading. These particular lenses will generally have a small and narrow distance area but a very wide reading zone, in order for the wearer to focus on near object comfortably. There are also other varifocal glasses which cater for people who need a very wide distance area. These wide distance zone lenses are great for people who drive for a living or play outdoor sports.

In order to find out which type or design of varifocal glasses are best suited to you, you should first speak to one of our dispensing staff here at online glasses direct. They will be able to ascertain which lenses are best suited to you by going through a series if lifestyle questions. This will give our dispenser a good idea of what you will predominately use your varifcoal glasses for. Once they have all the information required, they will be able to recommend a particular design of lens which will fit your lifestyle. Without seeking this kind of advice before you buy, you could end up purchasing a pair of varifocal glasses that won’t meet your expectations.


By Scott Ullah

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