Titanflex 823002 – A rimless masterpiece

Rimless frames are becoming increasing popular these days as the optical fashion frame market has become obsessed by large, chunky styled frames. These bold frames are dominating the display shelves at many of the most popular high street opticians chains, but they are not suited to everyone’s taste. These new bold, Michael Caine, styled frames are fine if you have square, full cheek bones and a jaw to match but not so flattering if you have a narrow, rounder face. Well if you fall into the latter category then have no fear, rimless frames could be your saviour! The one thing we have always liked about rimless frames here at Online Glasses Direct HQ is the fact that they don’t change the shape of your face or add unwanted character to your features. In fact, many people who wear rimless frames aren’t really remembered for their style of glasses as they are extremely subtle and so your natural features stand out more so than with a full rimmed frame.

We are very proud to have recently added a selection of very high quality frames to our collection which have become synonymous in the industry for producing some the most innovative and well built frames on the market. Introducing the TitanFlex range of frames for Men by German frame manufacturers ‘Eschenbach’. These quality frames are made using a combination of high grade materials to produce some of the most flexible and durable glasses frames in the world.  Right now, we are offering one the TitanFlex flagship rimless models , the TI 823002, at a price of only £119. Considering that this frame normally retails on the high street for around £300, I’m sure you will agree that this is certainly an offer not to be sniffed at. You can find our full range of TitanFlex glasses frames here.

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