Retro Glasses – style update

Many people who buy glasses online scour the glasses retailers in search of the very latest designs in fashion frames. Retro styled prescription glasses are here and making a big statement in the world of fashion right now so we have decided to stock a selection of the most popular designs. The first sign of the retro comeback was when Ray Ban decided to re-launch the ‘Wayfarer’ with some of the most colourful combinations ever seen in a single frame model. This was to prove a huge success and was immediately embraced by many A-list celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and David Beckham. Prada Glasses PR05NVThe Ray Ban Wayfarer was the best selling single frame of 2009 and sales are still continuing to do well in 2010. Shortly after the re-launch of the Wayfarer we started to see an increasing number of retro styled frames hit the market with designers such as Gucci and Brian Cox leading the way in ‘chunky’ and bold classic styled frames. If you want to buy glasses online in order to pay rock bottom prices then check out some the retro glasses on offer from us from big brand designers such as ferucci, Prada and Ray Ban. Most of this years collection of Prada glasses fall into the ‘retro look’ category so you won’t be disappointed!

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