New Titanium Glasses Range

If you are looking to buy titanium glasses at an affordable price then you’ve come to the right place! We are very pleased to announce our new range of titanium glasses from specialist designer brand ‘Alpine’. These frames are made from titanium alpha material and offer the wearer a more comfortable experience when wearing glasses for long periods. Our new range comes in both traditional and modern styles to suite every wearer. If you like the idea of having a robust, lightweight frame but really want to enhance the comfort of your glasses then why not opt for Polycarbonate lenses to be fitted into your titanium glasses frame? Polycarbonate lenses are very lightweight and also impact resistant so they are the safest lenses on the market today. Many more people are having their designer glasses frames fitted with lightweight polycarbonate lenses as today’s frame styles are becoming more bold and ‘chunky’ in design. Titanium glasses This can help keep the weight of the frame to an absolute minimum but with a titanium frame it really will be the ultimate experience in lightweight comfort. We hope to rapidly expand our titanium range in the near future as more varied designs make their way onto the market so watch this space for an update of when new models are released.

So the main benefits of titanium glasses are:

  • Hypo-allergenic (so no allergic reactions)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very Robust
  • Frame longevity

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